Jekalo Systems Solution Limited

Fusing automobile expertise and expert fleet management with dynamic IT services to your advantage.

What we offer

Fleet Management

The future of the automobile industry is software. Our Fleet Management Service utilizes the use of software and trackers to monitor and locate drivers while on their journey rather than involving the inefficiency of calls to check-up on them. The ease of modernity car owners to use our platform.


Fintech Solutions

Our experience in the FinTech industry makes us one of the best in the field. We use current-world technological trends to reinforce seamlessness in financial transactions.


We provide top-of-the-line, intelligent consultancy services helping businesses improve their performance in media and other technological aspects. Reach out to us now, we are here to guide you.


Application Development

We also offer computer app development services. Complex codes with a simplistic user interface and top of the line user experience are our forte. From idea to app, in just a tap!

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Our Commitments

We are committed to ensuring every individual that comes across any one of our services carries the Jekalo experience. This pushes us to strive for excellence in all our endeavours. If Perfection is an illusion, we don’t mind being magicians.

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